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Site Evaluation / Consultation

We will evaluate your site and provide a custom site analysis of potential sustainable landscaping solutions, based on site-specific variables such as soil type, sun exposure, slope and drainage.

For EcoGardens services, please use our inquiry form.

Micro-Grading / Rain Garden Creation

We can design and build berms, swales and rain gardens to capture rain for plant usage and minimize off-site runoff.


Planning takes time. Let us take care of the details: Rebate application, city permitting, dumpster rental and removal, mulch and plant delivery, organization of equipment and labor, etc.

Soil Prep / Sheet Mulching

We will provide a natural compostable barrier to block weeds and turf re-growth, and reduce evaporation loss of soil moisture. Other solutions such as weedkillers and weed control fabrics are not recommended.

Landscape Design

Four professional landscape design templates are available, and can be adapted to your site for reduced design fees. Our certified landscape professional can also provide a customized garden design including native plant selection and placement based on site-specific conditions and your preferences.


There is a right way and a wrong way to plant. We do it the right way for reduced plant shock upon transplanting and easier integration into their new soil environment.

Turf / Lawn Removal

This job is labor intensive! We can do it for you.


It's important to maintain your garden. We offer tips and services to assist you with this task. After your garden is established, it will require very little water and care compared to lawn and non-native landscapes.

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