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Get paid to convert to a California Friendly landscape and save water!

  • LADWP's Turf Replacement program through SoCal Water$mart will pay you to convert to a California Friendly Landscape! The current rebate for LADWP residential customers is $2.00 per square feet. Fill out the rebate form online.

  • LADWP will also pay you for other water saving devices you install (ex: rain barrels, water wise irrigation).


The benefits of California Friendly Landscapes:

  • Converting an average lawn of 1,000 sq. ft. results in a daily water savings of 80 gallons per day per household.  Based upon an average daily household water use of 350 gallons, this will result in a 23% reduction in water use!

  • Rain barrels and other tools capture and use rainwater as an onsite resource.  

  • These "ocean friendly" gardens keep our oceans clean by reducing transmission of polluted urban runoff into waterways.

  • Efficient irrigation systems eliminate dry weather runoff- saving water and reducing runoff pollution.

  • Planting California friendly plants creates beautiful habitat that attracts butterflies, birds, and other local wildlife to your garden.

  • They require less maintenance, which saves you time and money!

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